A family run business a proper plant center

Plant centre

Our family have always been nurserymen, market gardeners and farmers, so we have the acquired knowledge of many generations to help us to grow plants of the very highest standard. In fact it is not unusual to find three generations of the Tomlinson family at work in the nursery. We employ both modern and traditional methods, whilst maintaining a strict environmental ethos. Any advice we give will be the right no-nonsense advice based on sound horticultural practice and experience. Rather than a garble of big words to make us sound clever, or to to sell you a product you don't need.


The right mix

To liken gardening to cooking -  if you use good recipes, with good ingredients cooked properly you will end with excellent dishes that will be enjoyed by all.

As such, we always use the best seed or parent plant, and the best compost mixed with a bit of Marbury know-how resulting in absolutely the best plants available.



Compost is a contentious subject but to simplify, if you want the best results use the best compost, not multi-purpose or other cheap product (they are cheap for a reason).

We sell the compost which we use ourselves; it is the finest available and mixed for us, to our specifications. Give us a visit to see the results for yourselves.

Opening Hours

Opening Times

Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm / Sunday & Bank Holidays 9.30am to 3.00pm


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